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Furnace/Boiler Cleanings:
Keystone Oil performs furnace cleanings year-round.  For safety reasons, it is recommended that your furnace or boiler be cleaned annually. Over the winter months, carbon builds up on the heat exchanger and will cause moisture, in turn the moisture will cause your furnace or boiler to rust.

Furnace cleanings are performed
Monday through Friday throughout the year.

Appointment time slots run as follows:
1st Time Slot:
Tech arrives between 8am-8:30am
2nd Time Slot:
Tech arrives between 10am-Noon
3rd Time Slot:
Tech arrives between 12:30pm-2:30pm

To schedule your furnace/boiler cleaning, please complete the form.  Indicate on the form your 1st and 2nd preference dates/time slot.  Within two business days, we will process your request and will send you an email confirming the exact date/time slot for your cleaning.

Furnace/Boiler Cleaning - Online Schedule System
(Note: This System is For Cleanings Only.
Repair work must be scheduled by calling our office at 717-737-3451.)
Furnace cleanings are performed Monday through Friday.
Appointment time slots run as follows:  1st Slot: Arrival between 8am-8:30am
2nd Slot: Arrival between 10am-Noon     3rd Slot: Arrival between 12:30pm-2:30pm

*Please list your 2nd choice (in case your 1st choice is not available).
Account #, if known:
City, State, Zip:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
1st Schedule Preference
2nd Schedule Preference
Promo Code, if available